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Ethical Portfolio – A unique multi cap portfolio.

About Ethical Portfolio

Ethical Portfolio is exclusively designed for individuals looking to invest in principle-based stocks with NSE Nifty50 Shariah as the benchmark. The focus will be on the upcoming sectors and sectors that are beneficiaries of the reforms undertaken in the economy.

Portfolio highlights

Equity diversified

Equity Diversified

Open end


Multi-cap fund growth

Fund style
Multicap – Growth

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Minimum investment
INR 50 lacs

Nifty 500 benchmark

Nifty50 Shariah

Why Ethical Portfolio?

Carefully curated by Geojit in association with Taqwaa Advisory and Shariah Investment Solutions Private Limited (TASIS), Ethical Portfolio helps you create wealth in accordance with Shariah laws. We screen stocks against a Quantitative and Qualitative internal framework. In Quantitative screening, we use metrics like High Growth, High ROCE, High Cash Flow Conversion and Low Leverage. In Qualitative screening, we assess companies based on their Corporate Governance practices, Promoter Track Record and Promoter Share Pledges.

Backdated performance as on 30 November 2021*

3 Months 6 Months 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 5 Years
Ethical Portfolio 2.70% 14.60% 58.10% 52.40% 36.40% 25.10%
Nifty50 Shariah -2.00% 13.00% 35.90% 30.30% 20.60% 17.30%
Geojit Ethical Portfolio is based on a theme which changes as per the market trend. The calculated back test return is not based on scientific method.

*Return up to one year is Absolute and more than one year is CAGR. Any change in investment approach may have an impact on portfolio performance. The performance is not verified by SEBI.

Why Choose Geojit?


Well established promoters: BNP Paribas, C. J. George – Founder & MD - Geojit and Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC)

Geojit Countrywide network

Multiple client support points: Wide network of branches across India and GCC countries, online and customer care service

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures in GCC countries with well-established companies and banks

One destination Investment plan

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