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Apply for IPOs* with ease through Geojit's e-IPO platform.

Benefits of using our e-IPO platform



No more complicated process to apply for an IPO. Place your bid in a few clicks.



All you need is an eligible UPI ID.
List of eligible UPI Apps
List of eligible banks



Retail investments
up to Rs 2,00,000 allowed through e-IPO

How to Apply?


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Frequently Asked Questions

Retail Individual investors can invest upto Rs 2,00,000 using UPI. For investments above Rs 2 lakhs and for investments in other categories, investors may use the bank ASBA mechanism.
No. You can use only approved UPI Apps for applying for IPOs. Click here to view the list of eligible UPI Apps.
Currently 50 banks are issuer banks for applying for IPO using UPI App. Click here to see the list of eligible banks.
No. Third party UPI IDs and bank accounts are not allowed. Your bids will not be considered for allocation.
No. You will receive a fund block request on your UPI App. You have to ensure that you approve the fund block mandate on your UPI App.You may check the status of your bid by checking the e-IPO Bid Status tab on Geojit Customer Care site.
No. Your fund will be blocked in your bank account by marking a lien. The amount will be debited only if you are allotted units. In case you do not get allocation, your fund will be unblocked.
When you receive the fund block mandate on your UPI App, the expiry date of your mandate will be clearly mentioned. Your funds may remain blocked until that time. In case you are not allotted units, funds are usually unblocked within 3-4 days of allotment date.
Depending on your UPI App, you may find the fund block request in the IPO section, My Mandates Section or Notifications section of your UPI App.
You can either contact Geojit Customer Care to reinitiate the fund block mandate. Or you can cancel your bid and place a fresh bid.