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18 December 2017

Fund Manager's Interview

01-Oct-2017 (21:06)
We believe that over the long term there is a definite room to grow amongst global stagnancy
30-Sep-2017 (20:30)
Fixed income continues to be driven by both local and global events, though local factors have far more weightage
06-Nov-2017 (11:38)
With low probability of rate cuts, developments over fiscal deficit will drive the market in near term
28-Oct-2017 (15:49)
We suggest that investors looking to make a lump sum investment to stagger their investments
01-Sep-2017 (11:05)
We believe that there will be a long pause in RBI's rate action and this will lead to bond yields remaining in a very tight range in the near term
01-Aug-2017 (14:52)
We believe that Indian equity is a very promising asset class to invest in, over the medium term, despite the recent smart run up in the market
05-Jul-2017 (18:30)
One has to be selective in identifying the companies /sectors with high growth potential
08-May-2017 (14:53)
Match the investment horizon and risk appetite to the scheme selection
27-Mar-2017 (14:06)
In India ETFs are still at a nascent stage and the retail participation is very low
02-Mar-2017 (14:47)
Earnings recovery would be important for the markets going ahead
28-Feb-2017 (12:25)
Given firm crude prices and rising commodity prices, we expect inflation to go up to 4%-4.50% in H1FY18
31-Jan-2017 (13:21)
Demonitisation has stalled the uptick in consumption cycle
09-Dec-2016 (17:30)
We expect inflation to undershoot RBI's target of 5% by March 2017
08-Dec-2016 (16:41)
In the medium to long term, the Indian equity market will be primarily swayed by the trajectory of earnings growth
03-Oct-2016 (16:00)
Potential increase in house rent allowances and GST implementation could push headline inflation above the RBI's 4%+/-2% target in 2017
28-Sep-2016 (18:36)
We would therefore advise investors to continue to invest systematically in Indian equities and use any volatility caused by global factors to their a
17-Aug-2016 (14:33)
We expect the bond yields to come down by further 15-20 bps over the next 6 months
26-Jul-2016 (14:42)
We are running a maturity of 13 to 14 years in our Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund as we expect easy liquidity and cut in repo rates in the coming months
07-Jul-2016 (10:33)
Currently, we are in an environment where global outlook is marred with uncertainty but there is a clear pick up in the domestic economy
25-May-2016 (16:39)
We expect 10-year benchmark sovereign bond to trade in range of 7.25%-7.50% in near term and eventually stabilise in 7.15% - 7.35% by end of financial
06-Apr-2016 (14:28)
Macro strength, fiscal prudence, inflation control and easing space make the case for India to clearly stand out amongst its Emerging market pack
04-Apr-2016 (12:08)
Going forward factors like inflation, monsoon, FPI flows and currency markets will be in the spot light for further clue on domestic interest rates
08-Feb-2016 (15:47)
It would be important for the government to signal how it intends to boost the economy without compromising on fiscal consolidation
01-Jan-2016 (14:49)
In midterm we feel there will be scope for RBI to ease further as inflation –growth dynamics remains in favor
31-Dec-2015 (14:15)
The government's intention is very clear in its reform efforts and going forward, we are likely to see this translate into more quality spends
18-Dec-2015 (14:24)
We are interested in sectors in which it is not too difficult to consistently earn an above average return on capital
19-Nov-2015 (14:29)
We follow a philosophy of SLR in managing our Fixed Income Portfolio's where S for Safety, L for Liquidity and R for Returns is the guiding principle
16-Nov-2015 (17:15)
Equity is a volatile asset class, however, to benefit from the same, one has to remain invested through the volatile phases
03-Nov-2015 (12:55)
CPI inflation is expected to move up but stabilize around 5 % level in the coming year leading to two more rate cut by RBI in the coming year
29-Sep-2015 (18:28)
If interest rates show a downward trend, then the strategy would be to increase the duration of the portfolio
21-Aug-2015 (11:43)
We are positive on infrastructure companies from roads, railway, power T&D space and some industrial as we believe the Government would focus these ar
20-Aug-2015 (12:41)
We believe that we are headed for a structural shift in interest rates and we expect RBI to cut repo rate by 100 bps over next couple of years
03-Aug-2015 (16:28)
We expect Repo rates to be cut by 75 basis points over a one year period; moving the 10 year yields down towards 7.25-7.40% levels
29-Jun-2015 (12:33)
We believe that market volatility is helpful for investors and provides an opportunity to buy into quality businesses at attractive valuations
06-May-2015 (13:59)
Our investment strategy is to run a high duration as we expect RBI to cut repo rates due to falling inflation in the coming years
05-May-2015 (15:03)
We expect Indian economic growth and corporate earnings to improve over the medium term.
04-May-2015 (13:59)
Given our outlook on inflation, we believe that the RBI is likely to cut the policy rates by 25 bps by June and possibly by another 25 bps by Septembe
04-Apr-2015 (17:15)
On a long term horizon we believe India is heading towards a period of sustainable growth & conducive macroeconomic scenario
17-Mar-2015 (17:06)
We expect mining series and Electricity production data to increase in the coming year which will keep IIP higher than last year
09-Feb-2015 (14:15)
We believe that duration strategies continue to be favourably placed for 2015,with interest rates poised to come down
02-Feb-2015 (13:38)
Investors should adopt a systematic approach to investing in order to benefit from long term prospects of Indian economy
29-Jan-2015 (17:10)
Over the next few quarters, the favorable impact of base will start to show improvement in GDP numbers
28-Jan-2015 (18:08)
Key factors driving yields going ahead will be inflation, fiscal deficit, currency volatility and global crude and commodity prices
30-Dec-2014 (17:31)
Given our perception of expensive valuations, lump sum investment is not advised at the moment
10-Dec-2014 (12:44)
We expect a 50 basis points cut in the month of April 2015 as inflation expectations comes down in the economy
28-Nov-2014 (18:09)
Given our belief that interest rates are going to soften hereon, we have extended duration in our short term products
12-Nov-2014 (15:01)
We expect a 50 bps cut in calendar 2015, 25 bps in the first quarter and 25 bps in the last quarter
10-Nov-2014 (15:20)
We would suggest caution to investors at the time of selecting infrastructure companies/ funds
30-Oct-2014 (12:01)
With the growth improving and inflation on the mend, we see the interest rates to ease sustainably from the current levels
04-Sep-2014 (14:52)
MIP as a product is ideal for people who want to have a regular stream of income during their retirement age
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