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Portfolio Management Service

Geojit, a SEBI registered Portfolio Manager (Reg. No.INP000003203) offers discretionary portfolio management services. Geojit has a team of experts who carefully take investment decisions based on the clients' objectives. The Portfolio Management team has a successful track record of more than 10 years in the capital market. The team has access to Geojit' strong Equity Research, and Fundamental & Technical Analysis.

Investment Objective

To generate medium to long-term capital growth (3-4 years) by identifying undervalued stocks and those with growth opportunities from a select list of well researched stocks.


To suite your investment strategy, we offer two unique types of portfolio under our Portfolio Management Services.

  • Advantage Portfolio: It is positioned to invest predominantly in equities of Mid and Small cap companies. The fund will normally invest in stocks of Mid and Small cap companies that have a sound track record, quality management, earnings and growth potentials and strong fundamentals.

  • Freedom Portfolio: It invests across a wide gamut of fundamentally strong business in the Large cap, Mid cap and Small cap stocks.It identifies undervalued stocks with high growth potential and available at reasonable valuations.

Minimum Investment

Rs. 25 lakhs for resident Indians and NRIs.


Portfolio and NAV are communicated weekly via e-mail.

Risk factors

As the stocks are normally held for medium to long term, the net asset value will be affected by market volatility.

Portfolio Management Service fee

Option 1: 3% p.a. (charged @0.75% at the end of every quarter on the average of beginning and ending NAV)
Option 2: 1% p.a. (charged @0.25% at the end of every quarter on the average of beginning and ending NAV) and performance fee

Performance fee

20% on gain in NAV over and above 12% p.a. based on the high watermark concept charged at the end of the year or on withdrawal.
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No entry load or lock in period

We have no entry load currently, an exit load is applicable on any withdrawal from PMS within a period of 1 year after investment

Opening New Account

Opening New Account
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