Geojit Selfie - Market in pocket Our advanced trading and investment platform, Selfie, comes loaded with user-friendly features.
Quick Search
Allows you to easily add multiple scripts to your market watch.
Stock Analysis Tool
Deep Insights into a stock
One Touch Order facility
Order placement through Charts, MBP and Research Calls
Push Notifications
Updates from the market and other general information
Holistic View of Holdings
View your complete portfolio across exchanges and products
Charting Tools
Sophisticated yet simple at the same time. Selfie's charting tools provide real time updates of a stock to assist even the professional trader in you.
Geojit - Smartfolios Welcome to the age of smart investments.
9 - different and diversified basket of well-researched stocks
Each basket is tuned to your investment appetite, amount and financial goals
Ideal for investors with a medium to long term investment horizon
Hassle-free process with zero additional charges (except brokerage)
Professional guidance for unbiased transactions
Baskets starting from Rs. 3000/-
Why choose SVC
Co-Operative Bank – Geojit
3 in 1 Account?
  • 100% Safe and Secure with both your Savings and Demat Account being maintained by the Bank
  • Advanced Trading Platform with free Fundamental and Technical recommendations
  • Value Added products for Short Term and Long Term investments
  • Dedicated team for Sales and Support
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How to invest in Smartfolios?
Geojit Smartfolios can help you make intelligent investment decisions. Vipin G, Head - Online Products & Services explains how you can invest in the basket of stocks which is data-driven and is periodically rebalanced according to the market movements.
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IPO - The Basics
Sony Mathews talks about IPOs and how to invest in an IPO (E - IPO)
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Trading platforms available with Geojit
Selfie is the common name given across all of Geojit’s trading platforms. This video gives you an insight on Selfie’s web based and mobile trading platforms available today.
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Apply for IPO with ease
Some of the biggest IPO’s will be hitting the Indian market in 2020. Don’t miss this opportunity of wealth creation. Apply through our e-IPO service.
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What is Value Investing?
Dr. V. K. Vijayakumar explains Value Investing and how retail investors can benefit from value investing through SIPs in MF.