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Services offered by Geojit DP
If you seek flexibility to invest in a choice of financial products, then investing in the capital markets is an ideal choice. Geojit is a SEBI registered intermediary that is a Depository Participant of NSDL and CDSL. With Geojit’s depository facilities, you can avail a host of financial asset-related services.
Electronic Storage and Trading
Convert your physical shares and Mutual funds into electronic form through Geojit and enjoy the convenience of electronic storage and trading.
corporate dividends benefits
Corporate actions
Geojit facilitates hassle free distribution of benefits like dividends, interests, and bonus shares and rights issues given by companies
IPOs in demant account
If you are allotted shares in an IPO, you can get the shares directly transferred to your demat account.
Convert into Physical Shares
Get your dematerialised shares converted into physical shares through Geojit.
Demat Account for Redemption
Submit the units of open ended funds held in demat account for redemption through Geojit
Pledging the Shares
Utilise your holdings to avail loans by pledging the shares.
Transfer of securities
Want to transfer securities from one demat account to another? Geojit has simplified account transfers.
Nominate a near and dear one with a duly filled nomination form and eliminate the need of complicated legal documents like will and succession documents for transmission of securities.
Transfer of securities in the demat account in the case of death, bankruptcy and lunacy. The transmission process with Geojit is simple and fast.
What we Offer
Geojit’s depository facilities are supported by the pillars of trust, credibility, technology, and prompt grievance redressal.
research reports
Integrated customer care site
Avail a host of services like free access to research reports, ledgers and holdings through the user-friendly integrated customer care website.
Complete critical tasks from the comfort of your home through internet-based services offered to the clients.
SMS alerts
SMS alerts
Register for the message facility and enjoy life with regular updates on actions like debits, credits for IPO, subdivision and bonus, and failed and overdue debit instructions.