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MTF- Margin Trading Funding Services

Don’t let go off good investment opportunities just because you face fund shortage. With Geojit’s Margin Trading Funding (MTF), you can now buy stocks by paying a marginal amount of the actual value and get funding for the remaining amount from Geojit.
Why Choose Us?

4X exposure

Increase your buying power by up to 4 times


Activation in a single click

Now get access to surplus funds by activating the MTF facility through MyGeojit. Just accept the T&C and the MTF facility will be activated within 24 hours.


Avail margin against pledged shares

Stocks in your demat account can be utilised as a security/collateral

Features of MTF

Enhance your buying power which will help you take advantage of market movements


*No time limit for holding the shares purchased under MTF


Minimum Margins start @ 25%


Unlike normal trading account the MTF trading account will not be blocked after 7 days even if there is a debit


No interest charges are applicable till the settlement day. After the settlement day, 10% interest will be charged for 4 calendar days. Thereafter, interest rate of 18% will be applicable

*Conditions apply

Eligibility for availing MTF
  • Client should have a trading and demat account with Geojit
  • NRE/NRO are not eligible
Points to be noted before trades
  • The applicable brokerage in the trading account will be charged for MTF
  • To avail this facility, the shares need to be pledged in favour of Geojit Financial Services Ltd. Client securities Margin Pledge Account (CSMPA). The shares used as collateral will be reflected as pledged towards MTF collaterals in the beneficiary account of the client
  • Pledge has to be accepted before 12 PM on T+2
  • MTF facility is available in NSE only