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Why Invest in Mutual Funds?
Mutual Funds as an investment option comes with numerous advantages, some of which are listed below.
Mutual Fund Professionals
Professional Management
Mutual fund investments are managed by professionals backed by large research teams. It eliminates the need for investors to conduct research and allocate assets.
Mutual Fund Online Scheme
The money collected for a mutual fund scheme is invested in multiple securities, reducing the risk for investors. The underperformance of one security
Mutual Fund Tax Benefits Scheme
Tax Benefits
Investing in specific mutual fund schemes can provide a host of tax benefits and reduce your annual tax outgo.
What we Offer
The financial goal of every individual is different. At Geojit, we conduct thorough research to zero in on the right mutual fund scheme for you. Geojit’s fund recommendations are based on an in-depth analysis of various categories of equity and debt mutual fund schemes.
Investment Platform Online
Multiple Transaction Points
Invest from anywhere, anytime through the FundsGenie app, Selfie investment platform, branch network or customer care.
Mutual Fund Information
Information Advantage
Don’t just invest; get an upper hand by accessing high-quality mutual funds-related information available with FundsGenie app.
Investing Instantly
Start investing instantly after a smooth, paperless on boarding process.
Systematic Investment Plan - SIP
If you believe in taking small steps to success, systematic investment plan or SIP is a perfect fit for you. SIPs allow you to invest in mutual fund schemes through small regular payments instead of a lump-sum investment.
Reasons to Invest Through SIP
Rupee Cost Averaging
SIP payments are invested in the market in tranches. It offsets the effect of market fluctuations as costs average out over the long run.
SIPs grow your wealth substantially through compounding. The profit from the initial investment gets reinvested and generates returns, multiplying wealth.
3. You can choose the scheme that meets your requirements from over 1500 schemes offered by more than 40 different Asset Management Companies.
4. If you invest 1000 per month for a continuous period of 5 years, you could see your capital grow to 74,877 at an average return of 10 % per year.
5. You can reduce your tax payout if you choose a Tax Savings Fund.
6. Gold, an attractive investment option, can also be done through SIP.
7. You can take the advantage of power of compounding by investing over the long term.
8. Your systematic investment ensures that your money works for you continuously.
9. You can stop at any time and redeem your units, unless you have chosen a Tax Savings Fund.


Having thousands of mutual funds to choose from can be daunting for most investors. To help you choose a mutual fund that meets your unique goals is FundsGenie - a platform that provides a user friendly, clutter-free experience. The FundsGenie app has been developed with the aim to cater to a variety of mutual funds investment needs. It is a cutting-edge platform to analyse and invest in mutual funds.

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