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My FinHealth Checker
A simple financial health check will help you clearly understand your present financial situation. Just answer 10 simple questions, and we will share with you a detailed report.
Why do Financial Planning?
Want to live a stress-free life? Don’t want to worry about financing your children’s education or daughter’s wedding or even your retirement? The right financial plan can help you lead a financially independent life. Financial planning is equally important for all age groups.
Education financial planning
Getting started
The early 20s is an ideal starting point for planning your finances. With fewer responsibilities to take care of, it’s the apt time to plan your spending and start building a secured future. Planning your finances early will help you lead a debt-free life while working towards achieving your future financial requirements. If early retirement is on your mind, this is the right time to start!
Mid Career - Investments planning analysis
If you are born between 1980 and 1994, your life has evolved from the earlier carefree days to shouldering more responsibilities. When it comes to finances, thorough planning and analysis is the need of the hour. Financial planning will help you organize your savings and investments, manage money well, cover your risks and to be ready for any emergencies. This will help you achieve your life goals with ease and peace of mind.
Retirement financial Planning
Nearing retirement
Born before 1980? You are likely to be in the best phase of your career. Effective utilization of your wealth accumulated so far is an important step at this stage. Life can be smoother if you plan properly for life goals like a financially independent retired life, children’s education or wedding which could be your priority now. Financial planning will help you achieve this and let you stay worry free.
Child's Education/ Marriage
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Retirement financial Planning
Pre Retirement
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