Uniparts India Ltd IPO Synopsis

An Initial Public Offering is an opportunity for investors to take part in the growth of a company. It is always better to be in the first batch of investors. The shares offered by the company get listed on the stock exchanges and can be bought and sold by investors.

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Uniparts India Ltd IPO

Registered Office: Gripwel House Block-5,Sector - C 6&7 Vasnt Kunj , New Delhi - 110070 , Delhi , India.
Phone : 91-11-26137979   Fax:91-11-26133195
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Initial public offering of 14,481,942 equity shares of face value of (Rs)10 each ("Equity Shares") of Uniparts India Limited ("The Company" or the "Issuer") for cash at a price of (Rs)577.00 per equity share ("Offer Price") aggregating to (Rs)835.61 crores*, comprising an offer for sale of 14,481,942 equity shares aggregating to (Rs)835.61 crores*, comprising 1,100,000 equity shares by the Karan Soni 2018 CG-NG Nevada Trust aggregating to (Rs)63.47 crores*, 1,100,000 equity shares by the Meher Soni 2018 CG-NG Nevada Trust aggregating to (Rs)63.47 crores* and 2,200,000 equity shares by Pamela Soni aggregating to (Rs)126.94 crores* (collectively the "Promoter Group Selling Shareholders"), 7,180,642 equity shares by Ashoka Investment Holdings Limited ("Ashoka") aggregating to (Rs)414.32 crores* and 2,154,192 equity shares by Ambadevi Mauritius Holding Limited ("Ambadevi") aggregating to (Rs)124.30 crores*, ("Ashoka" and "Ambadevi" are together referred to as the "Investor Selling Shareholders") and 177,378 equity shares by Andrew Warren code aggregating to (Rs)10.24 crores*, 177,378 equity shares by James Norman Hallene aggregating to (Rs)10.24 crores*, 177,378 equity shares by Kevin John code aggregating to (Rs)10.24 crores*, 57,420 equity shares by Dennis Francis Dedecker aggregating to (Rs)3.31 crores*, 41,730 equity shares by Melvin Keith Gibbs aggregating to (Rs)2.41 crores*, 24,706 equity shares by Walter James Gruber aggregating to (Rs)1.43 crores*, 21,556 equity shares by Wendy Reichard Hammen aggregating to (Rs)1.24 crores*, 20,870 equity shares by Mark Louis Dawson aggregating to (Rs)1.20 crores*, 16,366 equity shares by Bradley Lorenz Miller aggregating to (Rs)0.94 crores*, 10,440 equity shares by Mary Louise ARP aggregating to (Rs)0.60 crores*, 8,340 equity shares by Diana Lynn Craig aggregating to (Rs)0.48 crores*, 7,710 equity shares by Marc Christopher Dorau aggregating to (Rs)0.45 crores*, 5,010 equity shares by Craig A Johnson aggregating to (Rs)0.29 crores* and 826 equity shares by Misty Marie Garcia aggregating to (Rs)0.05 crores* (together, the "Individual Selling Shareholders", and together with the promoter group selling shareholders and the investor selling shareholders are collectively, the "Selling Shareholders") (the "Offer for Sale" or the "Offer"). The offer will constitute 32.09%* of the post-offer paid-up equity share capital. *Subject to finalisation of the basis of allotment. The face value of the equity shares is (Rs)10. The offer price is 57.70 times the face value of the equity shares.

Issue Money Payable On
Opens On Closes On Application Allotment
30-Nov-22 02-Dec-22 (Rs)577.00-0.00 (Rs)0.00-0.00
Minimum Application for shares in Nos :25  Further Multiples of :25

  (Rs Cr) Lead Managers to the Issue
Project Cost 0.00
Axis Capital Ltd
Project Financed through Current Offer 835.61  
Post Issue Equity Share Capital 45.13  
Issue Price (Rs)577.00  
Listing the Shares of the Stock Exchanges
Promoted By
Gurdeep Soni  
Paramjit Singh Soni  
Listing At
Registrar to the Issue
Link Intime India Pvt Ltd