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Why choose us
Attractive Rate -LAS
Attractive rate
With Geojit, get the most attractive interest rates on loan against shares facility. A low rate of interest reduces the cost of financing directly and the cost of investment indirectly.
Processing fee
Low processing fee
A loan processing fee of up to 1% ensures that the upfront costs for you remain minimal.
High loan to value
High loan to value
Get access to funds up to50% of the value of your equity and mutual funds holdings. A high LTV ensures all your liquidity needs are met.
What we Offer
Trust takes the centre stage while offering your financial holdings as collateral. Geojit, with decades of reputation and a blemish-free track record, can be the trusted partner that you need.
loan against shares compliance
The loan against shares facility is offered by Geojit Credits, a subsidiary of Geojit Financial Services. Geojit Credits is a non-deposit taking Non-Banking Financial Company registered with the RBI.
LAS transparency
The borrower is informed about the interest rate on the loan along with all the fees and charges before the approval of the loan.
Instantly Funds
Quick disbursal
Geojit ensures that you receive the required funds instantly without having to wait for several days.
* Loan Against Shares (LAS ) is provided by Geojit Credits Private Limited. RBI Registration No B-16.00123. Website: www.geojitcredits.com, CIN - U65910KL1991PTC006106
Disclosure:These are not Exchange traded products and the Member is just acting as distributor.
All disputes with respect to the distribution activity would not have access to Exchange investor redressal or Arbitration mechanism.