Procedure for account opening.

  • Login to Hello Web site
  • Sign up the account with Prospect’s Mobile number and Captcha.
  • Enter Mobile OTP for mobile verification.
  • E-mail verification can be done either through Google verification or through OTP
  • Enter Prospect’s PAN and Date of Birth.
  • Consent to be given to use Aadhaar number for opening online account.
  • Access Digi locker account with Aadhaar number and OTP.
  • Enter 6-digit security PIN for fetching KYC details from Aadhaar.
  • Choose Products/Exchange and DP details from product stage.
  • Capture live photo and enter basic details in basic information page.
  • Enter Bank account details.
  • Choose Nomination option and enter Nominee details if opting nominee, else client can opt out of nomination.
  • The clients can presently check the status of emails sent to the dedicated email ids in Escalation matrix over phone and email id given.
  • Select Brokerage plan.
  • Read and Accept Terms and conditions including Tariff.
  • Upload the necessary documents Pan, Bank proof and Signature image in white sheet of paper.
  • Prospect should digitally sign the account opening application form and KRA form using Aadhar linked mobile OTP.
  • After completing e-Sign, prospect will get a completion message along with DP ID and Trade code.

Account Opening Flow Chart